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Emergency Heat + Light Mix Pack

At an estimated $3.2 Billion in sales, the candle market is one of the largest categories in the gift industry. And men's gifts continue to be a hot trend. It seems logical, therefore, that Duke Cannon should launch a candle line, but we're not launching "candles." Instead, we're launching our Emergency Heat + Light Collection, a line of tactical apparatus that delivers immediate illumination and warmth in situations such as: - power outages - High Country exploration - the presence of wet dogs and/or teenagers - real estate open houses - broccoli for dinner The line contains three varieties with unique, pleasant scents: Fresh Cut Pine, Campfire, and Tobacco and Leather. Made in the USA. Approx: 75 hour burn time. This Candle Mix Pack includes three saleable units of each scent (plus a tester of each) with a handsome wooden display measuring 15.5" x 11" x 6".