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The On-The-Go PDQ

Whether for trial or travel, Duke Cannon Minis are the impulse purchase that no buyer can pass up. The On-The-Go Bundle is a countertop PDQ meant to put a few additional dollars in your register while introducing the line to new customers. 

Duke Cannon Tip: Purchase our clear Travel Pouches to offer a customizable kit experience in store!


Dimensions: 16" x 14" x 12"


Big Ass Brick Of Soap Jr. - Naval Diplomacy (12x) 

THICK Body Wash Travel Size - Old Glory (24x)

Solid Cologne - Bourbon Oak Barrel (6x) 

Cooling Aftershave Balm - Travel Size (12x)

Superior Grade Shaving Cream - Travel Size (12x)

News Anchor Pomade - Travel Size (12x) 

News Anchor 2-in-1 Hair Wash - Travel Size (12x) 

Standard Issue SPF30 Face Lotion - Travel Size (12x) 

Proper Cologne - Sawtooth (4x) 

Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm - Travel Size (12x)