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Tackle Box Bundle

The Tackle Box bundle offers an ideal environment for Duke Cannon products. It comes with a cool vintage-inspired tackle box merchandiser and Duke Cannon’s best selling products. Honestly, it’s the ultimate bundle for men’s gifts. The display measures 23” x 17” x 20”.

The Tackle Box Bundle includes the following items:

- Fresh Cut Pine Soap (6x)
- Leaf and Leather Soap (6x)
- Campfire Soap (6x)
- Victory/Green Soap (6x)
- Naval Supremacy/Blue Soap (6x)
- Accomplishment/Black Soap (6x)
- Productivity/White Soap (6x)
- Beer Soap (6x)
- Navy Soap on a Rope (6x)
- Bourbon Soap (6x)
- Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm (6x)
- Best Damn Beard Oil (6x)
- Best Damn Beard Balm (6x)
- Best Damn Beard Wash (6x)
- Cannon Balm (15x)
- Cannon Balm 140 (15x)
- Ammo Can Gift Set (1x)
- Tackle Box (1x)